Team Manager

As the Team Manager you are responsible for the whole project. Together with the other members of the Management Team, you determine the goals of the project, monitor the overall planning and progress and look for solutions to problems that occur. You are the face of the team and hence, you will regularly give presentations or speak to the press. In addition, you are the first contact for most big stakeholders of the project, such as the Foundation, the Committee of Recommendation, the core supervisors, the organisation of the Solar Race and some of the biggest sponsors. You are responsible for keeping the stakeholders content.


Communication skills and a clear vision are therefore important for the Team Manager. Affinity with sponsoring and commercial insights is a big plus. The Team Manager takes the lead in the development of the team. You know what is going on within the team and it is important to talk to all team members. Coaching and motivating are keywords for this. You discuss problems within the team with the Management Team and together you think of solutions. If the Management Team cannot figure it out, the Team Manager ultimately makes the decision.


Does this description sound like you? Maybe you could be the next Team Manager of Solar Team Twente!

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