Together towards a sustainable future
Our Mission
Our world needs more sustainable transport and new technologies. We develop the most efficient solar car because we believe there needs to be a change and that we can be the change.

Our solar car entails innovative technology that can also be applied to other industries and products. Let’s innovate and create a change together!


Our Challenge
Racing 3.000km through the hot Australian desert and going through thick and thin with an ambitious team to win this 5-day Bridgestone World Solar Challenge. That is what Solar Team Twente does to set a sign for sustainable transport and innovation in the mobility sector.

Partner of the month

VIRO was the first partner to commit to Solar Team Twente for two editions, and we are looking forward to more great collaborations in the future!


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Meet the Marketing & Communication Team – the ones who connect!

Headerfoto and individual photos by Jerome Wassenaar EN | NL   Their responsibility is letting everyone know what Solar Team Twente is up to....