Structural Engineer

As a Structural Engineer, you are responsible for the design and construction of all the composite parts in the car, for example, the aeroshell and the internal load-carrying parts. These parts are made with the newest materials and techniques used in the composite world. So as a Structural Engineer you will mostly work with fiber reinforced plastics, the material of the future.

Most disciplines within the Technical Team have an interface with the load-carrying structure of the car. For example, the available space and shape of the car are strongly influenced by the aerodynamic team. However, there has to be enough space for the suspension, the steering wheel and safety aspects like the roll bar and the driver’s safety box. So, next to designing composite parts, you’ll work together with the Mechanical and Aerodynamic Team a lot.

Both practical knowledge and experience in the use of CAD-software as well as theoretical knowledge of the technical design and calculations are a must for this function. During the project, you often talk with specialists in the field from companies like Fokker (GKN Aerospace) who have a lot of knowledge in the field of composites and material science. Good communicative skills and knowledge of dynamics and mechanics are of great use too.

Do you get excited about working with the newest production processes and materials, and about designing the composite parts of the new solar car? Do you have knowledge about composites or would you like to gain experience in it? Do you want to work together with the biggest knowledge institutes and companies in this field? Then, Structural Engineering is the function for you!

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