Mechanical Engineer

As a Mechanical Engineer of Solar Team Twente, you are responsible for all parts which can move with respect to the structural part of the car. Among these parts are the suspension, rims with tires, the braking system, the steering system and the solar charging configuration.

You work together closely with all disciplines in the Technical Team. The available space for the mechanical parts depends on the aerodynamic properties of the car and all the mechanical parts must be attached to the internal structure of the car. You have to discuss a lot to accomplish this, for example how to transfer the forces of the mechanical forces to the structural parts. You are not only busy with the mechanics, but you also give thought to the aerodynamic shape and internal structure of the car.

Both practical knowledge and experience in using CAD-software, as well as theoretical knowledge about the necessary technical design and simulation calculations are a must for this position. You collaborate with a lot of companies during this project. These companies help you with both the optimization and manufacturing of the designed parts. The capability to communicate clearly and have both mechanical and dynamical knowledge are very important.

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