Graphic Designer

Are you up for the challenge to inspire, inform, and enthuse people on every aspect of Solar Team Twente with your team? As Graphic Designer of Solar Team Twente you are part of the Marketing and Communications Team. Together you are responsible for all media outlets such as online content, press and also the organization of inspiring events and maintaining great relations with partners.

As our Graphic Designer, you'll have exciting opportunities! One of them is to design the paintwork of your team's solar car! You'll be responsible for creating an eye-catching design for the paintwork. Let your imagination run wild as you contribute to the unique visual identity of your team.

While staying true to our established brand identity, you'll have the freedom to infuse it with fresh ideas and make it truly unique to our team. You'll also take the lead in creating your team's yearbook, where the entire journey of your team is documented. Besides designing the car and the yearbook, you will design posters, flyers, team merchandise and any other promotional materials that help us spread the word about our project. Your designs will bring our story to life, capturing the highlights, challenges, and accomplishments of the team.

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