Data Acquisitist

Within Solar Team Twente, the Data Acquisitor’s main responsibility is the telemetry system used to control and monitor the solar car. For that, you will be closely working with our strategy and electrical team. Besides the telemetry system, you will assist the Electrical Team in writing and maintaining code for different microcontrollers in our car.

During the testing phase, you will be tracking down issues in our electrical system and with that making sure the system is reliable. You are also responsible for providing the strategist with the necessary parameters that allow for the best possible preparation for the race. During the race you are continuously monitoring the car to make sure everything works as efficiently as intended. You can control and read all the data from the car wirelessly with your own data-acquisition system that is able to process all the incoming data. All the important systems in the car, such as the solar panel, battery and motor, transmit data that is important for the strategist to determine the best strategy. Besides data from the car you will also provide data from the self-built weather stations that are located within the race convoy.

 You will also be responsible for the communication systems within our race convoy that allow us to communicate in areas where normal communication methods are unavailable. For this you will have to set up different networks, including satellite communications. Within this function you will learn to work with CAN networks, analog- and digital sensors, programming microprocessors and development boards such as the Raspberry Pi.

Are you looking for a challenge and interested in deepening your computer science and electrotechnical knowledge? Are you an accurate worker and able to work both independent and in a team? Then data acquisition might be something for you! Programming experience in languages such as Python, C and C++ is a prerequisite.

Are you curious, do you have any questions, or do you just want to know more about this position? Send your question(s) and we will get back to you as soon as possible!