Aerodynamics Engineer

It is your job to make sure that the solar car uses as little energy as possible, by minimizing the air resistance. You will spend a lot of time designing the car in CAD software NX to then run the CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) simulations in Star-CCM+. This way, you try to achieve the most aerodynamic design for the solar car.

As an Aerodynamics Engineer, you will discuss with your teammates often during the design phase. Based on the aerodynamic behaviour, you determine the outer shell of the car with which you define the space in which the other disciplines operate. This means you will especially work a lot with the mechanical and structural design departments to make sure that everything in the car will fit and be optimally designed.

After the design phase, you will go into the production phase to build the car yourself with your colleagues from mechanics and structural design. In this phase, your focus will lie on the details and the finish of the solar car as they are very important for the aerodynamics.

For this function it is important to have affinity with aerodynamics, for instance by having followed courses on fluid dynamics. Experience with modelling, in CAD as well as in physics, and knowledge of simulation software is an absolute advantage. If you are also precise, have an eye for detail and have communicative skills, then you should apply for this function!

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