Header photo by Gijs Versteeg


Where do our team members end up after participating in Solar Team Twente? What is the impact of participation in this intense project on the integration into the business life? In the item “Where are they now?” we will put a spotlight on one of our Solar Team Twente alumni once every two weeks. This week Stefan Halsema will kick-off with what he has learned during his time in the solarteam.

     Name: Stefan Halsema
     Edition: 2007
     Position within the solarteam: Electronics/software
     Company:  Eye On Air B.V.
     Position: Senior Software Engineer






What are your daily activities within your position? I design software for embedded systems. At the moment I am working on a device that tracks down explosives at airports, using “ion mobility spectrometry”.

What is your best memory with Solar Team Twente? My best memory with the solarteam is the time period in which the results of all of the different disciplines come together. Because then the energy of both the team and the partners becomes visible. In the technical field, the solar car begins to get its final shape, but also the hard work of the non-technical team members and sponsors becomes clear.

How did you get to know about Solar Team Twente? In 2006 there were some lectures about Solar Team Twente. These got my attention!

What would you say to the current members of the team? Try to find the balance between “state of the art”, reliability and feasibility!

What does the picture show? The photo was made during my favorite phase of the project. The last components and parts are made and tested. As said before, it is great to see that everything comes together during this period.