Header photo by Gijs Versteeg


Where do our team members end up after participating in Solar Team Twente? What is the impact of participation in this intense project on the integration into the business life? In the item “Where are they now?” we will put a spotlight on one of our Solar Team Twente alumni once every two weeks. This week Katrin Semlianoi will tell you what she has learned during her time in the solarteam.

Photo by Gijs Versteeg

Name: Katrin Semlianoi
Edition: 2009
Position within the solarteam: Media & Events
Company:  University of Twente (UT)
Position: Programme Marketer, department Marketing & Communications








What are your daily activities within your position? As programme marketer I am part of the Marketing & Communications department of the UT. I am working on the realization of the recruitmentstrategy for (international) bachelor- and masterstudents. My core tasks are focused on the faculty of BMS (Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences). For this faculty I develop a marketing communications strategy and I am working on positioning the education and research profile.

What have you learned from your time at Solar Team Twente? I learned how I can contribute to a mutual goal and that it is not only about getting to the finish first, but also what you do with that experience after the project. How it affects your life and career choices. For me, it is simple, I will not change the world, at least not alone. But with my work I can reach the people who can. So this is my contribution. This is what I took from my solarteam experience and I use it as a test for my work and life.

What is your best memory with Solar Team Twente? In my edition there are two memories and they are connected. Of course the moment that our solar car crashed, but mostly the moments after the crash, when we all worked as one team to get our car back on the road. Everyone in the team contributed in his or her own way, we couldn’t have missed a single team member. We weren’t all best friends, but we sure were one team with one goal. And we did it. The moment we reached the finish and jumped in the fountain was incredible. It was like not only the dirt washed off but also all the worries.

As an advisor of the team I still love that moment when the team members jump into the fountain. You can see the relief,  all the worries, the pain, wash off and they stand there as one team who made the impossible possible: building a solar car in one year. Concluding, I guess the most beautiful memory was and still is the realization you feel and see in the team members that they made the impossible possible: building a solar car in one year and drive 3000 km through the outback.

How did you get to know about Solar Team Twente? I studied Communciation Science when I met team members at the minor information market of the UT. I was immediately sold. Working together on a former goal and contributing to a sustainable future. The same day I send in my motivational letter.

What would you say to the current members of the team? Solar Team Twente is like sitting in a high speed and high pressure environment. Also your personal development is leaping 10 steps ahead. Try to stand still by what you are doing and to enjoy this adventure. It is a once in a lifetime chance. It will not all be fun, but you will learn so much you can look back to later on. Embrace the experience!