Where do our team members end up after participating in Solar Team Twente? What is the impact of participation in this intense project on the integration into the business life? In the item “Where are they now?” we will put a spotlight on one of our Solar Team Twente alumni once every two weeks. This week Daniël Kunst will kick-off with what he has learned during his time in the solarteam.

     Name: Daniël Kunst
     Edition: 2009
     Position within the solarteam: Creative Director
     Company: 3T
     Position: Hardware Engineer





What are your daily activities within your position? Developing user-specific electronics and everything that comes with that. Translating the customer requirements and wishes to a working product while keeping the supply chain in mind.

What is your best memory with Solar Team Twente? Of course, the crash during the third day is something that stays with you. A moment of disappointment, which was translated to a great team performance to rebuild everything and to continue the challenge.
The second best memory was the start of the race (see header photo). This is the moment that all teams come together to start their 3000+ km experience across Australia, with their self built cars. That is the moment which you, as a team, work towards for 1,5 years.

How did you come across Solar Team Twente? Via the study association, I was asked to design some 3D-pictures with different locations of partner logos on the team 2007 solar car. In the end, I designed the artwork for ‘TwenteOne’ (the 2007 solar car) as well. Then the applications for team 2009 opened and I did not think twice and applied for the team!

What would you say to the current members of the team? Enjoy every moment, especially the race. 3000 kilometers seems like a lot, but it is over in a split second!