The RED Engine arrived at 9:00 am local time this morning in Darwin! The solar car arrived in perfect condition after a long flight and a train trip via Kuala Lumpur and Sydney.

To get the solar car and all the spare parts in optimal condition in Darwin, The RED Engine is transported in a special, custom made, transportbox. Due to the vulnerability of the car and the solar panel, packing everything must be done with great care.

Except the car and the spare parts, the box contains a lot of stuff needed during the World Solar Challenge, like the big tents in which the team will sleep during the race.

Now that The RED Engine has arrived in Darwin, the team will make every effort to prepare the car for the Australian Road Authority check. As soon as The RED Engine is approved by the Road Authority, Solar Team Twente can start the tests on a special test track. The team members and drivers can gain the last experience needed. Solar Team Twente will be fully prepared for the World Solar Challenge!

The RED Engine uit transportbox