On Sunday 18th we will start from the tenth position with our solar car Red One in the Challenger Class of the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge. During today’s qualification on the Hidden Valley Raceway in Darwin, we clocked a lap time 2:09.3556. We already succeeded in one goal: taking minimum risk with the car during a safe qualification and starting the race tomorrow around 8.30 a.m.

“Being first was not the ultimate goal for us”, said our driver Wouter Put, “In the 3.000 kilometers ahead, we will prove that we build a solar car that is designed for the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge. “Driving a curvy circuit is completely different from driving the straight 3.000 kilometers that lie ahead of us.”

Hidden Valley Raceway: Showdown of qualification

The Hidden Valley Raceway with its 2,87 kilometers and 14 bends is known for its high speed laps. The race circuit is mostly used for the V8 Supercars Championships. Our solar car Red One cannot be compared with these V8 Supercars and it is not build for these kinds of race circuits. Red One is specifically designed and build for the 3000 km long race through the Australian Outback.

This qualification can be described as a stirring finale of our preparation for the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge. 46 teams from 26 countries all over the world gathered on Hidden Valley Raceway to secure the best start position.

© Gijs Versteeg

© Gijs Versteeg

The adventure begins

After preparing for one and a half year for the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge the race will start tomorrow. Only one night left before the race will begin. Only one night left and our great adventure will start. We believe in our car and the team and we will do everything in our power to bring the trophy home this year.

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© Jérôme Wassenaar

© Jérôme Wassenaar

Watch the video
Watch the video of the qualification on Hidden Valley below (Dutch).

Photo header: Gijs Versteeg
Qualification video: Allus Media