The fourth day of racing of the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge – a thrilling day! Delft was close behind us during the day, they took the first place with a manoeuvre  in which we had to break to avoid unsafe situations. The distance between the Dutch teams is small, just minutes. Still 200 km to go to the finish in Adelaide, we feel positive about  winning the race.

“Anything can happen, the battle is still on!” according to team member Maarten van Poppelen. “Our solar cars stopped  close to each other at 17.00 o’clock, the differences are very small”.

From outback to ‘civilisation’
The scenery changed when we left Port Agusta,  we entered ‘civilisation’ again. We saw high voltage towers, more traffic signs and traffic:  a very different view than the 2000 km of outback.

The outback – knowing your position
We see a lot of great Australian places during our 3000km  race. It is important to know what we can expect on the route during the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge. This is vital information for our strategy.  The POI-map gives us the ability to inform the team with important information such as cattle grids, speed limits and traffic lights.Gijs Versteeg_1 (1)

The weather is very important as well. Meteorologist Patrick Verhoeks of the Royal Netherlands Air Force makes a contribute to the team with his knowledge and expertise.  He informs us beforehand about the clouds or wind speeds ahead of us, which is needed for our strategy. This is very important, especially today since the wind was getting stronger. Red One was stable and the driver said that everything went well.

Tomorrow will be the last day of racing and we will do our best to take the trophy home! Don’t miss it! Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instragram to get the latest news 24/7.

Photo header: Jérôme Wassenaar
Photo within text: Gijs Versteeg