The RED Engine, the Solar Team Twente solar car, can start in the 2013 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge next Sunday. The World Solar Challenge is a race from North to South Australia through the Outback. Today, officials checked whether the RED Engine complies with the regulations of the event. The solar car passed the inspection without problems. The second part of the ‘scrutineering’ will take place this Saturday and will consist of a qualification for the race.

The RED Engine complies with the rules and is safe. This ensures that Solar Team Twente can start the 2013 World Solar Challenge this Sunday. All parts of The RED Engine were checked during the ‘scrutineering’. All participating cars must have safety belts, proper lighting, and a car horn to compete. It was also checked whether the driver was able to leave the car in case of emergency. This didn’t form a problem for the drivers. “We could have entered and left the car twice in 15 seconds”, says driver Erik Krämer.

A large part of the other teams also cleared inspection today, the teams from Delft, Michigan and Tokyo may start next Sunday. The next big event in preparation for the World Solar Challenge will take place on Saturday, which is the qualification. The qualification, or dynamic scrutineering, will take place on the Hidden Valley motor sports circuit and will determine the capability of the car during driving. On Saturday, it will also be determined from which place the RED Engine will start.