The third day of racing has never been so exhilarating! Our Red One is  still leading the Challenger Class.  Delft was breathing down our neck. Within the Cruiser Class, team Eindhoven set a record: driving 1500 km and charging it only once. All in all, this already has been a very successful race for the Dutch so far. This international competition with solar cars is a complete Dutch  festivity.

Red One  first, with a difference of 11 seconds between Delft
The team members are full of excitement. During the second control stop in Kulgera, Delft arrived 11 seconds after Solar Team Twente. We are now even more punctual at our control stops so that we will not give away seconds.  The distance between Solar Team Twente and Delft remained little, it was a neck and neck race. We managed to keep the first position until the end of the third racing day.

Details can and probably will make a difference since the teams are so close to each other now. We built a stable and reliable solar car that fits the Australian conditions perfectly.  Red One is still stable, even with strong winds. We are convinced that we will be able to fight  the competition again tomorrow.Jerome Wassenaar_3

Camping in the outback: a logistical challenge
We already slept two days in the Australian outback.  We are allowed to race with Red One until 17.00  o’clock sharp. At that time we have to stop the convoy. The point of stopping is also our campsite for that night.

There are six big tents for all the team members and four smaller tents for the solar car drivers. We have to cook for 37 people. We rely on canned food  because fresh vegetables and meat cannot stand the high temperatures.

Camping in the outback with 37 people is quite a logistic challenge. How this all works? Take a look at this interview with former team member Haico Stegink.

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Header photo: Gijs Versteeg
Photo within text: Jérôme Wassenaar

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