A representative of the Australian Road Authority visited the workshop to inspect Red One today (28/09/2015). After thirty minutes he approved the car and that means that we can start running tests in Australia!


The inspection
The Australian Road Authority arrived at 13:00 hours and checked every component of the car. At first with the panel still on it and after that the guys could take the panel off so that the interior could be inspected as well. The brake lights were checked, the wheel suspension, the identification number, the seat belts, everything. Gijs Rolff assisted the Road Authority in the inspection and answered any questions. One of their questions was whether we had a separate brake system. Gijs answered: ‘We have a separate brake system and apart from that we can also use engine braking.’  Lastly Robin Lohuis had the honour to sound the horn. It sounded loud and clear! We are very pleased that the car has been approved so we rounded it all off with our yell “Red One GO!”


Now that the car has been approved, we can start testing it in Australia. Unfortunately we do not have much time. The Cox Peninsula Road has been reserved for the partaking solar teams for two weeks. This means that we can run tests until 9 October. Even though we cannot keep testing until right before the race, we will use this testing time as efficiently as possible! We made a test schedule to keep track of what should be tested each day.

Keep an eye on the website for an article about the tests!


Translated by ManpowerGroup Solutions-Language Services