After being in Australia without our Red One for a couple of days, the time has finally come: The transport box cleared the quarantine absolutely perfectly. Today, the car arrived at our workshop at the Charles Darwin University at 3 pm!


Red One has travelled around 21,800 km. The team itself has covered a slightly shorter distance. But why? Because the transport box took a somewhat different route. Gefco assisted us in exporting the cargo and everything involved! The box left for Singapore by plane from Amsterdam and thereupon travelled to Sydney. It was then transported to Adelaide by truck and was taken to Darwin from there. You may say that was quite a trip but thankfully it all went great and Red One has rejoined the team.


Clearing quarantine 
Early this morning, we arrived at a desolate ground. It was completely empty expect for our box! Everything in the box was unpacked on the ground so it could be fully inspected by the biosecurity. Even the insides of the tubes were checked using a light. You can imagine we were pretty relieved that we thoroughly cleaned everything in the Netherlands. Packing and unpacking everything was quite a chore, especially when you are in direct sunlight and it is 33 degrees. Luckily we were all lotioned up with sunscreen and there were many of us so the job was done in no time!



So now what?
Going from here we can get back cracking and dot the i’s and cross the Cox Peninsula Road. We do this to make sure the car will receive clearance from the North Australian Road Authorities. It is only then that we can we start tests then we can continue testing and debug the car completely.

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Translated by ManpowerGroup Solutions Language Services