The Next Chapter Is Here: RED Horizon

It was a unique and eventful year for Solar Team Twente. Let’s relive it together and take a look at the future with our newest solar car: RED Horizon.

Edition 2021 has so far been an experience we won’t forget anytime soon. An impactful pandemic and the cancellation of the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge in Australia have left their mark on the solar team from Enschede. Working remotely, and dealing with disappointments and uncertainties were all daily reality.

Nevertheless, our drive has never left us stranded. Solar Team Twente has always focused on what’s ahead, challenging the status quo. Armed with a completely new solar car designed with a radical new concept in mind, and with new goals in our future. Solar Team Twente tirelessly moves forwards.

With an online livestream on YouTube, we looked back on an eventful year and revealed RED Horizon: the new symbol for the future of sustainable mobility.

A Step Forward

RED Horizon, the ninth solar car from Solar Team Twente, perfectly represents the uniqueness of this year’s project. It was designed with a radical new concept in mind. A three-wheeled setup with the driver in the middle of the car forms the basis of this concept. Aerodynamically shaped, full of innovative systems, and a powerful core. RED Horizon has all it takes to become a champion!

This year, RED Horizon will shine in a different race than originally intended: Solar Challenge Morocco, on the edge of the Sahara. To commemorate this new challenge, the car has been dressed in a beautiful new livery, featuring details that look forward to the new destination.

The name RED Horizon is a nod to the team always looking forward towards better times. After a challenging year, with a challenging new concept and a pioneering new race in the future, the sun shines bright on the new horizon.

Driven By Innovation


Do you want to take a closer look at our new solar car? You can! Check out our web-application with an Augmented Reality feature for mobile users!

Are you using IOS? Follow the steps below to use the Augmented Reality feature!

  1. Download WebXR Viewer in the App Store.
  2. Open WebXR Viewer when it is finished downloading.
  3. Visit
  4. Enjoy!


RED Horizon