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Our upcoming races

iLumen European Solar Challenge 2021

A 24-hours race for solar-powered vehicles? An adventure after only having been a team for a few weeks? That is the iLumen European Solar Challenge (iESC) on Circuit Zolder in Belgium. Since it is allowed to participate with two cars per team, the different Solar Team Twente generations clash and collaborate during this race. The new team usually starts in September and the iESC already takes place at the end of that month. Therefore, the new generation races with the latest solar car. The second car is used by a mix of old team members, who can also give out advice to the new team. This race puts the team to a test and is the first big challenge in their Solar Team Twente time. In 2021, on September 17 until 19, a special edition of the iESC will take place!


You can find our aftermovie of the iESC 2020 here: 





Solar Challenge Morocco 2021

The Solar Challenge Morocco will have a different interpretation than the well-known Bridgestone World Solar Challenge. This challenge will take a rally form in which five different stages of between 400 km and 600 km have to be covered in five days. This will result in a race of around 2500 km.

The start and finish will be in Agadir, a coastal town in the south of Morocco. The stages will take place southeast of the Atlas Mountains, at the foot of the Sahara Desert. Here we will camp in bivouacs together with the other teams and prepare for the next stage. The race will take place in October 2021. Find out more here.

Bridgestone World Solar Challenge 2023

The Bridgestone World Solar Challenge is the most prestigious solar race in the world. Every two years, student teams from all over the world build a new solar car and come to Australia to fight for the world championship. The race takes approximately 5 days to complete and entails racing across the continent form the North in Darwin to the South in Adelaide. The 3.000 kilometres through harsh terrain put both the car and the team to a test. You can find out here why our car looks differently for every Bridgestone World Solar Challenge. The next BWSC

Here you can find our aftermovie of the BWSC 2019