– In the morning we pack up our whole camp in just an hour. Afterwards we have full focus on the race.

– Our driver Mariska is getting ready to start. The starting time of today was 08:04. Go, go, go!

– After 73 minutes of driving we arrived at the controlstop in Alice Springs. It being a more urban area, roads to and from the controlstop were very busy.

– The race is 3022km long, today we have passed the halfway point!

– The second control stop of the day was in Kulgera. Still in the lead of the competition. Hidde stepped into RED E for the last leg of today. We were heading for Cooper Pedy. This part of the route is know as the trickiest part of the race due to heavy side winds and sand storms. For safety reasons we even had to stop for a few minutes while driving in a sand storm due to very poor sigth.

– At 17:04 we arrived at our campsite of today. With vattenfall solar team 600 m in front of us but they stopped 4 minutes later. At 17:00 we were still in the lead. So tomorrow we will start earlier and it will be a very interesting day! The night will not be less interesting since we will camp during a heavy wind storm with wind speeds over 70 km/h.

Pictures by: Jerome Wassenaar and Martina Ketelaar