“Caution! Solar vehicle ahead.”

1. Wake up!: this morning at 6 o’clock, the team woke up, a little tired but very excited for the second day of racing.

2. Nutrition: Nutrition is fundamental for a good race. Breakfast is prepared every morning by our drivers and media team.

3. Ready for the start: Red E and our driver Mariska are getting ready for the start. At 08:07 sharp they drove off!

4. First control stop: at 11.33 we arrived at the first control stop in Tennant Creek, twelve minutes earlier than Vattenfall.

5. Perfect day: it’s a perfect day for a solar car, the sun is shining brightly and the sky is clear.

6. Barrow Creek: at 14.31 RED E will reach the last control stop of today, Barrow Creek. The next competitors came in 20 and 25 minutes later.

7. End of raceday 2: At 17.04 we arrived at our second campsite. Another successful day, and now it’s time to prepare for tomorrow!

8. 8. We were on national television twice today! This morning on Goedemorgen Nederland and this afternoon on 5 uur live! Check (at timestamp: 7.33) and!