Company Description

Twepa is a trustworthy and passionate organization with heart for your business.

Our products, which for most companies can be seen as ‘boring’ objects of daily cost, are for Twepa a real passion and we do that for more than 85 years already! Take, for example, a pen, a boring object that falls outside your core business, but still a product that is essential to perform your daily tasks.

We deliver all essential products with which we ease your daily tasks. We have grouped these products in 5 product groups;

  • Packaging
  • Office supplies
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Disposables
  • Business clothing

Twepa is an involved partner for various companies, municipalities, schools, health care institutions, catering companies, associations and event organizations.

‘Voor mekaar’ is our brand promise. This means that in principle you do not have to ask for anything, because we automatically respond to the needs that may arise from you. This way you can keep doing what you are good at!

Twepa has been working together with Twentsche Dozencentrale for 25 years already. Twentsche Dozencentrale has more than 2 million boxes in stock in more than 750 different sizes. Through their experience in the cardboard industry, it is possible to provide you with a complete assortment of standard and custom made packaging.

This collaboration is an absolute advantage, because expertise, storage, logistics and experience are shared with each other. This enables us to switch quickly and anticipate customer requests.

With a lot of enthusiasm and drive, solutions for the desires and needs of our customers are sought together. When composing a fitting assortment, you get tailored advice and the possibility to view products and, regarding business clothing, try and fit it.