Twentepoort Logistiek


Company Description

As a freight forwarder, Twentepoort Logistiek provides daily transport to Eastern Europe, Russia and
Central Asia. We have a high-quality network of specialized transport companies that fully meet our
extremely high quality requirements. In addition to regular road transport, we also provide
refrigerated and frozen transport and special transport / exceptional transport.

Stimulating sustainable logistics solutions
We try to offer the most efficient transport solutions for our customers. We focus for example on the
reduction of so-called "empty kilometers". Via our partnership with Solar Team Twente we try to
stimulate sustainability within the transport and logistics sector.

Twentepoort Groep
Twentepoort Logistiek is part of the Twentepoort Group which consists of four logistics companies
which all operate from Wierden (Ov.). Twentepoort Logistiek BV, Twentrex BV and Cargorilla Logistics
BV (which also includes Koeriersdienst Overijssel) are active as an International Shipping Company,
each with its own distinctive specialism. The 4th branch TwenPack BV specializes in E-fulfillment
(webshop logistics).