Company Description

Twence, the sustainable source of energy

Sustainable energy connects Twence and Solar Team Twente. Twence is a producer of raw materials and energy from waste flows and biomass. We bring raw materials back in the cycle and deliver sustainable energy. Twence therefore contributes to the reduction of the use of fossil fuels and the avoidance of CO2-emissions.

Twence is by far the largest sustainable energy source in Overijssel. Also nationally we are very large in this. In 2015 we produced enough energy to provide in the needs of 125.000 households. We also produced heat and steam, comparable to the heat consumption of another 51.000 households.

Through the energy production that year, the emission of about 340.000 tons CO2 was avoided, by avoiding the use of fossil fuels. For the production of energy we used waste and biomass that can not be used for any other purpose of recycling.

The sustainable heart of Twente
Twence is from and for Twente. Towns in Twente own more than 95 percent of the shares in the organization. This way they have the ultimate instrument to realize their goals regarding sustainable energy and improving of a circular economy. At the same time Twence delivers an important contribution to the sustainable employment in Twente, both direct and indirect, and to the development of Twente as a knowledge region.