Provincie Overijssel

Company Description

Overijssel has New Energy

In 2023 Provincie Overijssel wants to reach the target of 20% New Energy from biomass, ground, wind and sun. This is necessary, because fossil energy (oil and natural gas) are becoming more and more scarce and expensive. New Energy, in the form of green gas, electricity and heat of own soil, is a desirable alternative. Conserving energy is the second core point of the New Energy program. Because the less energy we use, the quicker the dependency of fossil energy decreases. An advantage of more New Energy is the ability to influence the energy price better in the future. Both are needed to enable more efficient enterprising, cheaper housing, smarter working and healthier living.

The program New Energy of the province of Overijssel is partner of Solar Team Twente, because good and innovative initiatives can count on our support. The solar team contributes to the development of the newest technologies regarding solar energy. At we share more of these inspiring stories of companies, organizations and other enterprising enthusiasts that see opportunities in New Energy.