PBF Group

Company Description

PBF Group B.V. is a company of SFC Energy Group, specialized in switched mode power supply solutions and special coils, operating worldwide. PBF develops, manufactures and markets these power conversion solutions in the range from simple power supply units to high complex power systems to top-level producers of professional machines and equipment.

In close collaboration with its customers, PBF develops concept solutions for specific high level applications. These concepts are subsequently translated into working products, integrating electrical engineering, electronics, mechanical constructions and software.

PBF Group B.V. emanated from Philips Electronics NV through a Management Buy Out in 1999. Since December 2011 PBF is a member of the SFC Energy Group located in Brunnthal. The headquarters of PBF is located in Almelo the Netherlands. A subsidiary is located in Cluj Napoca in Romania. Manufacturing and development take place at both locations.