About PACK LitzWire

PACK LitzWire stands for continuity and reliability as well as for innovative power and special knowledge of high-frequency litz wire for the whole range of electrical engineering and power electronics. We want to bring these values ​​and this competence together into the future.

Future-oriented family business

We are proud of our traditional family business in Gummersbach and would like to continue to be successful. We want to successfully lead PACK LitzWire into the future. As we have responsibility: for our employees, for our region and for our founders.

PACK LitzWire has become the company it is today because in its history, there have always been people who have innovated and looked for new solutions for new requirements. This includes the courage to question sometimes the tried and tested and to recognize the market opportunities at the right time.

As a specialist in HF litz wire, we are constantly expanding our expertise together with our employees and customers. For this purpose, we continually carry out research projects with partners from science and industry.

Highest customer satisfaction

Our innovations are created by the requirements of our customers. In order to be able to produce high-quality and custom fit products, we develop every single article according to your individual needs and requests. We benefit from our great experience and the findings from our research projects. Our customers – from medium-sized companies to the well-known European Players – appreciate this very much.

Energy efficiency

Our litz wire help to make components smaller and lighter in a variety of industrial sectors. At the same time, we are constantly working on optimizing their electrical performance and further reducing their resistance losses. Overall, they contribute in various ways to increasing the power efficiency of products. Sustainability is an important driver for innovation and firmly anchored in our company philosophy.