Jerome Wassenaar Photography

Company Description

Jerome Wassenaar will be joining Solar Team Twente as a photographer in Australia for the second time already. Read about his experience of last year.

My name is Jerome Wassenaar, 20 years old, living in Utrecht, HBO student Art & Technology (Saxion) and freelance photographer with a big passion for cars and racing.

When I was tipped, at school (Saxion Hogeschool Enschede), that Solar Team Twente was looking for an enthusiastic photographer to follow the team during an entire year and make a reportage of the race in Australia, they had my interest! Cars and photography are my favorite occupations and they would be perfectly united in this project, a unique chance to be up close at a, for many people, very remote show. And build an awesome portfolio this way! Because be honest, following a race team in Australia is not something you would find in a standard portfolio of a photographer.

After a round of conversations and a grand finale at Circuit Zolder during the ‘Ilumen European Solar Challenge’, I received the saving call. I would be following Solar Team Twente!

One of the first tasks was making the group- and personal pictures, an ideal opportunity to get to know the team better. The following tasks varied from drinks to wind tunnels and from events to photographing the car when it was at the painter.

During these moments, I always catch a bit of what is going on in the team and how this monster job is going. Very impressive, especially as a nontechnical outsider, I’m perplexed of the technologies being used. I can understand a normal car, but looking at the mock-up, it is all abracadabra to me.

I experience a lot of beautiful moments in a long route to the race in Australia. A moment which I am looking forward to a lot. Going with a fantastic team to experience an awesome adventure. It is an honor to capture this and I have full faith in it!