About Indall

Indall is a technical visualisation agency. We visualise complex technology, such that technical processes, products or services are made visible and can be understood by everyone. The visualisation options are endless. Typical examples of these are photo- and videography, 2D/3D animation or the application of VR/AR. The created visuals can for example be used in a tender-phase, to increase the level of knowledge within the company or the enhance the digital visibility and sales. As Indall, we truly believe in the power of visualisation. This is why we partnered with Solar Team Twente, such that we can demonstrate the innovation and technical challenges of the team to the world. By creating strong and catching video’s, we help to spread the vision and story of Solar Team Twente, together with them. Since Indall is a start-up, we see Solar Team Twente and its partners as a valuable addition to our network, which we are hoping to increase this way.


As Indall, we constantly try to be at the frontline of innovation. We currently regard the usage of both VR and AR as a highly potential field of interest. As a company, we would like to investigate these technological developments to a greater extent, ideally by a motivated student who would like to do his/her internship or (master)thesis in the field of this topic. We are a young and dynamic company, and love to investigate the possibilities and apply them in professional cases.



ir. R. P. Guijs (Roland)