Company Description

IMS (Integrated Mechanization Solutions) develops and supplies machinery used for production of small, composite components for the automotive industry, smart devices and medical device industry. Examples are machines used for the production of sensors, which are integrated in the manufacturing of cars and production machinery used for the production of small camera modules used in smartphones. These types of machinery are always one of a kind and a combination of existing technologies developed by IMS production processes.

At IMS we work with a team of 85 colleagues with whom we improve the production performance of our customers. With our production machinery and advice on automatization we enable their production of products which are becoming smaller and smaller in a quicker and better manner. In this way we provide them with a sustainable leap over the competition.

IMS and Solar Team Twente

A successful partnership! Since 2013 we have been involved as a partner in the development (then) and the production (now) of the steering system of the solar car. As of this year we are also supporting the team in the production of the new charging configuration.