Horstra Technology

Company Description

Horstra Technology is a modern supplier in the precision mechanics industry. Horstra Technology consists of an enthusiastic team, with well trained professionals. Producing complex mechanical parts, both series and single piece, is our core business. We use our expertise and commitment to achieve a very modern and innovative approach of the production process, we also like to contribute to your innovation process. This all can be summarized in our motto: “Your product, our precision”.

Horstra Technology characterizes itself in the following points:

–   We have a high-tech machine park;

–   We perform 3-, 4-, en 5-axial machining;

–   We perform milling operations up to a length of 5000mm;

–   We have a modernly equipped measurement space;

–   We work according to clear measurement protocols;

–   We have extensive possibilities for 3D-programmering;

–   We are ISO 9001 certified.