Company Description

Fluke Corporation is world leader in the production, distribution and maintenance of electronic test- and measurement instruments and software.

Fluke was founded in 1948 and has since contributed to the birth and growth of a unique technology market with facilities for testing and solving problems. These facilities take a very important place in production- and service branches now. Every new factory and every new office, hospital and building today is a potential client for Fluke products.

From installation, maintenance and service of industrial electronic components to precision measurements and quality control: the Fluke instruments keep up businesses and industries worldwide, in other words ‘up and running’. Examples of clients and users are technicians, engineers, measurement professionals, producers of medical instruments and professionals regarding computer networks. People that are dependent on instruments and use them to expand their personal possibilities.

Today, Fluke occupies the first or second place in every market where the company is active. The brand Fluke is known for portable, robust, safe and user-friendly products and strict quality norms.

For more information, visit: www.fluke.nl