Company Description

CAD2M is a company that provides help in using Solidworks & SolidCam. CAD2M work with your team or operate as an expansion of your engineering department to ensure efficient use of SOLIDWORKS & SolidCAM. If you are a new user that just started, an intermediate user that needs support with a new application or an expert user who thinks a second opinion is needed, CAD2M has the expertise and flexibility to advise you. To maintain an overview of the many parts that constitute the car, Solar Team Twente uses Solidworks Product Data Management Professional, supported by CAD2M.

In this design project, the engineers of Solar Team Twente use Solidworks a lot to model the self-designed parts. This enables the making of a 3D model on the computer and then converting it to a 2D drawing. These drawings are discussed with companies that then convert it to a 3D part. From idea to realization with only one program.