Broekhuis Enschede

Company Description

Broekhuis is a company in the automotive branch that is active as a partner in mobility since 1932 in the Middle, North and East Netherlands. Broekhuis strives for a balanced composition of the brands represented by her car companies. Broekhuis represents the brands BMW, Ford, Jaguar, Land Rover, MINI, Opel, Peugeot, SEAT, Skoda and Volvo.

Furthermore, they are part of the Broekhuis group:

7 car repair companies, a lease company, dealerships of BMW motorbikes, a company specialized in company car interiors and the integration of accessories, and there are activities regarding financial services in the form of financing and insurances.

The daily driving force is not just the car, but more so the people! That is why Solar Team Twente stands behind the name Broekhuis: Moves People! Broekhuis provides jobs to more than 800 employees.