BDO Accountants & Belastingsadviseurs B.V.

Company Description

BDO provides organizations with new perspectives with services regarding audit and assurance, tax advice, advisory, accountancy and company advice. With our unique combination of local market knowledge, an international network, personal services and a professional approach, we help our clients become successful in their enterprise. We do this in the Netherlands with about 2.150 professionals and worldwide with more than 64.000 employees, spread across more than 1.400 locations in 154 countries. This makes us the fifth accountancy- and advice network in the world. A unique position that enables us to provide the best service and top quality to our clients. From SME to family companies and from public organizations to international enterprises.


Innovation is more than tech, apps & online. It is in and out of the box. In new ways of thinking, managing, organizing and working (together). This social innovation is the basis of 60% of the disruptive innovations. The changes in the world go quickly: competition can come from every corner. Radical innovation mostly happens outside your own organization. You have probably already heard about blockchain. Combined with super quick computers, this will lead to many changes. So it could help to look further than your own business.