Company Description

We are the largest engineering simulation company in the world. Our steady growth and financial strength reflect our commitment to innovation and R&D. We reinvest almost 20% percent of our revenues each year into research to continually refine and improve our software. That’s why more leading organizations trust ANSYS with their most difficult product design challenges.

We develop, market and support engineering simulation software used to predict how products will behave and how manufacturing processes will operate in real-world environments. We offer the most comprehensive suite of simulation solvers in the world so that our customers can confidently predict their products’ success. ANSYS simulation software, coupled with our team of applications experts and global support network, is the key to:

  • Lower Development Costs – we help customers get to an accurate answer faster, so they can do more in less time while using fewer resources than ever before
  • Reduce Time to Market – our software drastically shortens development time and prototype iterations
  • Optimize Product Performance – we enable our customers to consistently perfect product reliability, performance and safety