About 3T

3T is one of the largest suppliers of development services for electronics and embedded software development with more than 75 employees in Enschede and Eindhoven. We develop and deliver electronics and embedded systems for client-specific products. We have a proven track record of innovative, quality designs with help from state-of-the-art technologies. Through a large diversity of clients, the orders range from accurate analogue to complex digital systems. Mostly the combination of very accurate analogue electronics and a digital interface, is found a lot at 3T.

3T supports the solar team with electronics and embedded software of the car. 3T has, for example, developed the Battery Management System for the earlier editions of the Solar Team Twente car . More information about this can be found at http://3t.nl/algemeen/solar-bms/

For the latest editions of the car, 3T is helped with the design and production of the MCU (Motor Controller Unit). Every electric car contains a Motor Controller Unit. This system makes sure that the electric current is adequate to cause a rotating force. The rotating force must be exactly right to result in the correct speed of the car. 3T has worked on the MCU in previous editions as well, but has never stopped improving it.

3T has been a sponsor and technology supplier of the Solar Team Twente since 2006


We have 2-4 internships and graduation assigments per half year period. We offer great starter functions in which you will be teamed up with an experienced engineer with which you can further develop yourself. We offer development projects in-house for a large range of different international customers.