AZUR SPACE Solar Power GmbH

Company Description

As one of the global leaders with 55 years’ experience in high-efficiency solar space cell technology, AZUR SPACE uses its technological expertise to contribute its significant part to the Space, Opto and CPV market.

The production facility of AZUR SPACE includes epitaxy, cell technology, assembly and testing divisions with an operation capability of 24 hours on seven days a week. The roots are closely linked to more than 100 years of industrial history of AEG-Telefunken. Founded in 1964, as a part of Telefunken, the company developed and manufactured solar cells for the first German satellite “AZUR”, launched in 1969. AZUR SPACE Solar Power GmbH has nowadays about 250 employees and is further growing.

Projects, like the Solar Race Cars, are important for the company, as working with students is essential to get new input and to be in close contact with the universities.