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RED Horizon arrived safely in Morocco

RED Horizon arrived safely in Morocco

EN | NL Solar car RED Horizon from Solar Team Twente has arrived safely in Morocco. It took longer than the team had hoped, but can now finally focus on the final preparations for the race. The students of the University of Twente and Saxion University of Applied...

Solar Challenge Morocco

Solar Challenge Morocco will kick-off on October 25th in Agadir. The team is already in Morocco preparing for the race.

General planning:

22 October: Static scrutineering.

23 October: Static scrutineering

24 October: Dynamic scrutineering; determines starting position.

25 October: start at Stade Adrar, Agadir

29 October: finish at Stade Adrar, Agadir

Download the information sheet below for more information about the race and the team!

For more information about the race, you can also visit our webpage via the button below.

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Race Simulation 2021

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