Every day the team members from Solar Team Twente preparing for the World Solar Challenge. The next few weeks the technical team will work on The RED Engine, the race team will make many hours of testing together with the drivers and the communication team will make sure the supporters will stay up to date. But what exactly is a RED Engineer doing during a day? Here a day in the life of: Isha.Isha, 25 years old and a student Mechanical Engineering, has worked on the aerodynamics of The RED Engine. In the workplace and during the race, Isha will make sure that solar car will pass the finish line in Adelaide without no problems.
08:47 AM – Isha’s making molds for the inside wheel covers. This molds should be well sanded, so that the inside wheel covers will be smooth.

Isha met binnenwielkapmal
10:04 AM – Regularly Isha’s working in, around and below The RED Engine. At this photo he has just put a wheel back on the car.
Isha onder The RED Engine
01:56 PM – Like the wheel also many other parts must be attached to The RED Engine. Nuts and bolts he finds in this case.
Isha met boutjes en moertjeskist
03:21 PM – A 3D-printer makes the last small parts for The RED Engine. Also in the Netherlands, parts for the solar car have been made at the 3dPrintCompany. These parts perfectly meet the needs of the team.
Isha met 3D-geprint onderdeel
07:05 PM – Isha is a vegetarian. Of course, the team will keeps this in mind while cooking.
Isha aan het eten
08:36 PM – In the evening Isha reads books from his e-reader. Tuesday and Thursday evening he likes to go sporting.
Isha aan het lezen