About us


Imagine 19 university students with one common goal: winning the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge. They develop a new solar car within only one year and then go to Australia to race 3.000km through the hot, rough Australian desert. Sounds crazy? It is, but we make the impossible possible. During the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge and the iLumen European Solar Challenge, we challenge the limits of existing technology every year.


Solar Team Twente means passion for innovation, passion for electric vehicles, and passion to inspire others. With over 15 years of experience and a strong network of former team members, we prepare for the races like others would for the olympics. The new team always starts in September, participates in the iLumen European Solar Challenge in September and then works hard for one year to build a new, more efficient solar car to win the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge in Australia. To follow our journey, you can subscribe to our newsletter here.


The solar team is located in Enschede, the Netherlands. It is the biggest student team in the Twente region. It united more than 150 companies in and outside the Netherlands during the past edition, and strives to do so in this edition too. Interested in becoming a partner? Click here.






Global goals

Solar energy

The Earth has to be protected from being warmed up too much by the Sun, while the Sun is actually the source of life and renewable energy. We focus on renewable energy and build the newest hightech solar car.

Technologies & Innovations

By creating the best solar car in the world, we develop technologies and innovations for efficient use of solar energy as a power source for vehicles. This innovation in automotive technology will make a difference in people’s lifes

Reduction of noise & Emissions

In this Urban World mobility and transportation are the crucial blood vessels in the networks created by metropoles. Quality of life is determined by quality of traffic and transport. The reduction of noise and emissions is key. The revolution of the 21st century is the electric solar car.

UN Global Compact

In the beginning of December 2015 the climate summit took place in Paris. At this summit goals were formulated to work on a sustainable future. One of these goals for example is reducing CO­2 emission. All over the world people are trying to contribute to this goal, everyone in their own way; our contribution is developing and building a solar powered car. This is why we became a member of the UN Global Compact.

Read our Letter of Commitment here.