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Company: Royal Netherlands Aerospace Centre

Since which edition of the solarteam is NLR partner? At an fairly early stage we became partner of Solar Team Twente. About four editions ago in 2011 we joined the network.

How was the collaboration initialized? At NLR we shared the ambition to work more closely together with the technical university and her students. One of the employees that works for us in Marknesse created the connection with the solarteam. Back then the team was looking for a workshop where to build the solar car from composites. We used to organize so called break projects in which employees of NLR voluntarily could participate. The solarteam was more than suitable for such a break project. Multiple employees were very enthusiastic about the team and got closely involved with the team.so

Why is NLR Partner of Solar Team Twente? We strongly believe that solar energy is indisputably connected with sustainable mobility. Not just on the ground with the solar cars as an example, but in the aerospace as well. Solar energy is the future energy carrier. The solarteam fits perfectly within this vision. Besides that the student projects are a way for us to get in touch with our future employees. Alumni of Solar Team Twente do internships and start working at NLR. We get in touch with young and ambitious students and in exchange we offer them our knowledge and experience. This way we make innovation stronger.

In what way does NLR support the solarteam? We offer them work space to produce (parts of) the solar car. This edition again we had students of the team over at Marknesse for a few weeks to produce the rib structure of the new solar car (watch the video below). Next to the facilities we offer experience and knowledge  to support the team to innovate and develop a better solar car.


What did you learn from the collaboration with the solarteam? We mostly learn much about communication on the job market. What requirements should a job satisfy to? What does the employee of the future look like? By working with young people we experience that they have a different view on the job market. For a large company as NLR it is important to anticipate on this and keep developing.

What would you like to give to the team? Think ‘out of the box’. Using your creativity can bring you just that little bit more that you need!