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Company: IMS (Integrated Mechanization Solution B.V.)

Since which edition has IMS been a partner of Solar Team Twente? The highly valued relationship between IMS and Solar Team Twente started in 2013. IMS has been involved with the development, support and production of the steering system and the charging configuration of the solar car.

 What are the main activities of IMS? As IMS we develop and create automated production lines for the market leaders in production of small sensors, actuators and optics. Products made on our production lines are used in latest smartphones and cars. At the start of its lifecycle these products are innovative and have great growth potential. We are able to deliver the best fitting production lines by combining existing production technologies with our broad knowledge and experience in automation.

Why did IMS become a partner of Solar Team Twente? Our cooperation with Solar Team Twente gives us the possibility to be visible, get in touch with students and talk about career opportunities. We offer a lot of challenging work possibilities for experienced and recently graduated technicians, mostly in the field of electronics, mechanical engineering and applied physics. Our continuous cooperation shows that teamwork between students and experienced IMS-engineers is a good match for both parties and offers may opportunities. A sustainable initiative that suits our aim to a more sustainable company.

In what way does IMS support Solar Team Twente? Over the years we have been closely involved and supported the team with the development and production of the charging configuration and the steering system of the car. Continuing this year, as BIG partner, the IMS-engineers offer technical advice, coaching and support to the production team, with great joy and enthusiasm!

The components of the steering system of The Red Engine, the car from edition 2012-2013. This steering system is developed together with IMS. The system has proven its functionality that year and has been used ever since.

Can you think of one of the best moments in the past years of cooperation? For edition 2016-2017 IMS was asked to support the team with the development of the charging configuration. This task was related to multiple disciplines within the solar team and was a real challenge for the IMS-engineers. IMS mostly supported this project during the concept phase with our in house knowledge and resources. We worked together with engineers of the solar team on a weekly basis and together we came up with designs of multiple concepts.

What have you learned from working with this solar team? We have always been proud to see the results of the team after months of effort, passion, extreme clear orientation on the goal and the dare to push the edge of technology. This is carried out by the team with perfection. We as IMS deliver conform customer specifications and aim to exceed the customers expectation, but that is not enough for this team. They have only one goal: Winning the race!

Would you like to give a message to the team? Because of your hard work, passion and clear goals we know one thing for sure: This year Solar Team Twente with RED E will take the first place in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge! On behalf of IMS we wish you the best of luck!

What do we see on the pictures?On the picture to the left we see components of the steering system of The Red Engine the car from edition 2012-2013. This steering system is developed together with IMS. The system has proven its functionality that year and has been used ever since.