In the item ‘Meet the Partners’, you will meet one of our partners. In this first item in the series we put a spotlight on our Big RED Partner 3T. The company has been a partner since the second edition of Solar Team Twente. In this blog, you will read about their core-business, their reasons to be a partner and their best experiences with the solarteam.

3T Logo

Company name: 3T

Partner since: 2007

What is 3T’s core business? 3T develops, delivers and maintains customer specific electronics and embedded systems.

Why is 3T partner of Solar Team Twente? 3T is a start up with its roots at the University of Twente. This is why there has always been a great connection with the UT. Through the UT we came in contact with students who have participated in the solarteam.

There is always an interaction between students and employees of 3T when it comes to the exchange of knowledge. We learn from students to sometimes take more risks and to push boundaries.

In which way does your company support Solar Team Twente? We help the solarteam with the electronics of their solar cars. In the past, we have helped them with the Battery Management System (BMS) and the data acquisition systems. This edition, we are helping them with the Motor Management System, which is based on our VIPER platform.

Battery Packs of 21Connect (solar car 2011)

Which part of your collaboration with Solar Team Twente are you most proud of? We are very proud of the Battery Management System. We have been involved with the BMS since 2007. Also, we are proud of the weapon of this years edition: the new Motor Controller Unit (MCU), which is based on the PEPPER component of 3T.

What would you say to the current members of the team?

Two things:

  • Set goals, go for them and keep your focus.
  • Make sure the next team gets a flying start.

What does the header photo show? This is a picture from 2007, where you can see 3T employees working on the Battery Management System of the solar car from then, the TwenteOne.