I am Stan Kaal, 20 years old, 3rd year student of Applied Physics and Chief Engineer at Solar Team Twente. Within my funtion, I am responsible to ensure that the solar car meets all the strict requirements we set on the vehicle as a team, but also that the solar car meets all the regulations of the World Solar Challenge®. I stay focussed on our goals and ensure that all different disciplines converge to one ultimate design.

When I heard that Solar Team Twente was composing the 2015’s team, I applied immediately. After the application process, that consisted of two interviews and various tests, I was hired. What motivates me is to build a solar car of top quality with a top team. The enormous drive of this team gives me energy to push the limit. Only the best is good enough. Who does not wants to participate in such an awesome project?

During the iLumen European Solar challenge, my role was different than normally. During test days, I was Chief Testing and during the solarrace at Circuit Zolder, I was Head Pitbox. As Head Pitbox, I was responsible for the activities in the pitbox. I had to ensure that all protocols were done precisely and safely. The teamwork was amazing. We gained a lot of experience, such as clear communication, despite the pressure of the race. All the pitstops and maintenance work went smoothly. During the weekend a lot of progression was achieved.

We are working hard to reveal the fastest solar car at the World Solar Challenge® in Octobre 2015. I cannot wait until we can race through the Australian outback.

Stan Kaal - Solar Team TwentePhoto: Patrick Ooms