I, Irene van den Hof, am lucky to call myself the new teammanager of Solar Team Twente. When I heard the possibility to apply for the new team, I sent in my letter of application. Two job interviews later, I received the amazing message: I was one of the new members of the new solarteam!

Now, the moment has arrived to temporarily pauze my classes of Industrial Engineering and Management and to focus  a year and a half on my function as the teammanager of team 2015. This is a special challenge, because we work with nineteen enthusiastic students who all excel in a particular field. My ultimate goal is to unite all these disciplines in this one, special project. 

This is also the perfect opportunity to gain practical experience. Technology has always fascinated me, especially the developments in the field of sustainable energy. The manufactur of technical products and all the logistics that go with it fascinates me. These are typical examples of Industrial Engineering and Management in practice.

All in all, I am looking forward to the future with great enthusiasm. We have a strong and fanatical team who are going to put down everything in order to achieve a top performance at the World Solar Challenge® 2015.

Photo: Maxon Motors