My name is Coen Hartjes (22 years old, born in Zutphen and raised in Hengelo). I am one of the three new drivers for the iLumen European Solar Challenge. During the project, I focus on  the aerodynamics on the new solar car. This means that, along with my teammates, we are looking for the optimal shape of the solar car. We have to ensure that the design of the outer shell of the new solar car has the lowest drag as possible. Due to this, we determine the space within the other diciplines such as mechanics and structural must work.

Since 2005, I have been following Solar Team Twente on media. In my opinion it is special that such a big project comes from Twente, a region in the east of the Netherlands. When I started studying mechanical engineering at the University of Twente, I saw the possibility to be part of Solar Team Twente. Edition 2015 was my chance, I thought. Therefore, I applied and was asked to make an assignment on aerodynamics. Although I initially did not have a lot of knowledge about this subject, I got the hang of it quickly and I was chosen for the function.

Since the last week of August, the team of aerodynamics has been busy with designing the shape of the solar car. Now, there is a side project added, namely driving in The RED Engine during the iLumen European Solar Challenge. I went to the test days without any expectations. The car felt quite unstable when the crosswind raised, but it was really cool to drive The RED Engine.

Next week the drivers will hear who will race which run. I am certainly excited and I am looking forward to the result at the iLumen European Solar Challenge.

Coen Hartjes in The RED Engine