Tomorrow, Solar Team Twente’s second race simulation takes place! After a successful simulation in Twente, the team will also simulate a part of the race under Australian circumstances, including the control stops and building the camp. Tonight, the team will sleep in the tents to be able to make a good start tomorrow at sunrise. All the team members will be perfectly prepared for their responsibilities during the race!


Before the simulation can start, the convoy cars have to be adapted. All the cars are provided with UHF radio equipment, so that communication between the cars is possible. The DMU (Decision Making Unit, the first car behind The RED Engine) is provided with desks and laptop holders, and serves as a real control centre. From here, the solar car will be read-out and controlled. The service cars are provided with enough space to store spare parts and tools, so the service team will not lose a second during the race! The mediacrew, with photographer and cameramen, will make sure the race will be perfectly captured on film.


Photo’s: Joost van Baars Fotografie