Fully Charged! Explore the future together

Fully Charged! Explore the future together offers a chance to get in touch with talent in the region from a student perspective! We want to react to the brain drain in Twente by connecting regional companies to students from both ROC van Twente, Saxion University of Applied Sciences and the University of Twente. This year we will do so by organising Fully Charged for the first time, at the 21st of June in the Grolsch Veste. We do this in collaboration with Today&Beyond. To top it all, the events will be followed by the reveal of our new solar car RED E!
Register your company before May 1st to join Fully Charged and find the talents that will charge your company!


During our own experience as students we have noticed that our peers are not only interested in the career possibilities of a company, but also in the daily course of events at the work floor. That is why we want co-workers directly from the work floor as well as from human resources at Fully Charged! To create an informal atmosphere that is suited to get in touch with students in a meaningful way, we set some requirements for the companies:
  • An object or experience should be brought to the fair
  • No suits allowed
  • The fair is bilingual (Dutch and English)
  • Address each other on first name basis
  • Co-workers directly from the work floor and HR
  • Clearly indicate which students you are looking for (ROC, Saxion, UT, discipline)


Exhibition stand (maximum of a 100 companies), €1450,-
A stand on the interactive fair where students can meet you and your company. This chance to show each other what you have got to offer forms the foundation of the event. You can complement the stand with the breakout sessions below.

Workshops (Maximum of 8 company sessions), €425,-
During this breakout session your company has 25 minutes to give a workshop to a group of about 10 interested students. This way you can show how your company approaches the cases you are faced with. The goal is to give the student an idea of what they can expect when joining your company. To make this workshop as effective as possible, we would like to advise you on the contents of the workshop from a student’s perspective.

Pecha Kucha’s (maximum of 12 company sessions), €225,-
During this breakout session your company can give a presentation to a group interested students. To make sure it is short, unique and straight to the point we require the presentation to be a Pecha Kucha. This is a method in which you are allowed to use 20 slides that each will be shown for 20 seconds each. We will make sure the slides continue automatically after those 20 seconds, meaning the maximum length of the presentation is 6:40 minutes.

CEO Speed dating (maximum of 20 CEO’s), €275,-
Many students have interest to become part of the management of a company. Hence, are interested in having contact with the CEO’s of companies. You will get the chance to talk with 6 to 12 students in respectively one of two hours.

For more information you can contact Arthur.

Arthur Kambartsumjan

External affairs  
+31 (0)6 196 972 01

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