Early this morning, the testing team left the scout hall for our first day of testing on the Australian Road. After the approval by the Australian Road Authority for The RED Engine entering the Cox Peninsula Road last week, the first test kilometres could be made today. The solar car was transported safely on a trailer to the test track, about 50 kilometres from the Charles Darwin University.

Uitladen The RED Engine

Once arrived on the Cox Peninsula Road, it was time to prepare The RED Engine for starting the tests. Safety is very important, therefore a safety checklist is used to be sure the solar car is ready for departure. With a technically perfect car, and optimal communication between the different convoy cars, the testing could begin.

Raceklaarmaken The RED Engine

On this first day, drivers Lot and Erik drove the first kilometres. The last weeks, a lot of used parts of The RED Engine were substituted for new parts. The testing today showed this was perfectly done. The solar car drives perfectly stable without any problems, just like in The Netherlands. After a few weeks of not being able to drive, the drivers found it very nice to take place in the car again.

Coureur Lot

This week, a lot of testing will be done. All the drivers will make testing hours, mechanical tests will be done and it will be tested how the strategy model works under Australian circumstances.